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Comes a moment

Sometimes comes a moment when you are so impotent..you dont understand what is going on
you know nothing..you dont know what to do,you dont know what u want! 
you feel so lost,so lonely,but not because you dont have friends just because you dont need anyone,you feel that it is better to stay alone. 
when your friends asks you what's going on?* you just answer *all is ok,or nothing,or i dont know*
oh,how the answer * I dont know* annoys them 
it makes them angry.. 
you starting to lose people..people that you really love,people that u adore,people that means a lot, people that were beside you all the time..a pesron you love,a person you adore..just left you,left you because he didnt understood what was with you,a person you trusted just went away,so simple and without any feelings he broke the thread between you and him,no more chances to be with him,no more days with him. To cry?why should you? for what?
a person who meant a lot for u,just left you,he threw you like a toy

he just disappered…

you understand that all people that were a part of your life disappeared,yes!,they just took and disappeared,and you stay alone. and you feel something very strange..all is like the fog,unusual.you are locked..only feelings of pain and betrayal.
To trust people? How? all are materialistic. We are not able distinguish between love and crush.All says *I love u* like *hi hello how are u?* 
You think you love all those people?are you sure? 
I am not sure in any love,but i believe in friendship,in relations between people 

but it must to pass a lot to say that you love

I am sure only of one person in this life,my mom she is the closet person, because I only I saw her heart from inside,and it was so clean,i never saw a person clean inside like her.

World is the world of money,business.
You think i am crazy?and I need a doctor? 
ok think so,because i am sick 
my soul is
By S.Z 
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